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Q. How do I Add apache handlers

Overview Apache handlers allow you to control what Apache will do with certain file types. When Apache sees a file, it has an action built in for that file type, and will perform that action. If you wish Apache to do a different action, you will need to make a handler to tell Apache to perform that action. For example, if you use a file type that requires a special service to run it, such as a movie file (.mpg) that you wish to run through a specific streaming server, you need to tell Apache to treat these files differently. Steps 1 To access Apache Handlers, click on the icon above the words Apache Handlers on the main screen of your cPanel interface. 2 Enter the extension(s) you wish to associate with the service that they will be using in the blank field below extension(s). 3 Enter the service you wish to have handle the filetype(s) in the blank field below Handler, and click on Add. NOTE: The new handler should appear under User Defined Handlers.

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