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Adding a chatroom to your site

Overview You can use cPanel to add an HTML or java based chatroom to your web site. Also, you can enter the chatroom from cPanel. cPanel will provide you with the code needed to place a gateway to this chatroom on your web page. Users can then enter a nickname and join the chatroom from your web page.

Steps 1 To access the Chatroom Menu, click on the icon above the words Chatroom on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Select the code for either an HTML or java chatroom and copy the code into the code for the web page which you wish the chatroom gateway to appear on. The HTML code appears as follows (except is the name of your domain): The java code appears as follows (except is the name of your domain) :

3 Save your web page after you have added the new chatroom code to it.

Troubleshooting Make sure you have added the code to the body of your web page. If it does not work, check the code in your website to make sure it matches the code displayed in cPanel.

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